Want the satisfaction of bending steel to your will?

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Bladesmithing classes cover these topics and more: Forge safety, tool terminology and use, how to swing a hammer and use tongs without injuring yourself, or others, basic forging techniques,  basic grinding techniques. Heat treating, metallurgy, tempering, knife grinding, blade geometry, sharpening, handle construction, guards, and information on sheath construction. 

Bring a friend or loved one to forge memories that will last a lifetime!

Most projects take one student one long day to complete. Two students should expect two long days.

The exception is large or particularly complex builds.

Forging a Tomahawk: Learn to forge a rugged, functional tomahawk for adventuring or home use. This can be done in several different ways, and we'll figure out what suits your needs best. You’ll also fit a handle to your tomahawk. $275            

Forging a Small Knife: Learn to forge an every day carry (EDC), paring, utility, tanto, hunting, skinning, small kitchen knife etc. The limit is a 5" blade and what you can imagine.  At the end of this class, you will walk out with your own functional hand forged knife! $275

Forging a Medium Knife: Learn to forge a chef, cleaver, camp, fighter, seax, tanto, survival knife, or whatever else you can imagine. These blade lengths usually range from 5" to 12". At the end of this class you will walk out with a forged tool you can use for the rest of your life. $325

Forging a Medium Axe: Learn to forge a mid sized utility axe! Perfect for camping, carving, hiking, adventuring, or just splitting kindling to build a delightful fire on cold nights. These usually weigh 3 ish lbs. You will also be hanging a handle. At the end of this you’ll have a versatile edged companion of your very own. $350

Forging a Viking Bearded Axe or Battle axe: Get in touch with your inner Viking! This is a physically challenging test of your will and strength against the steel. Perfect for the zombie apocalypse, cutting down trees, splitting kindling, pillaging small coastal villages in England and Ireland, and numerous utility tasks. These tend to weigh between 3-5 lbs. You will also hang a handle for your axe. $400                                                                                                  


Forging a Large Knife: Forge a machete, cleaver, pig-sticker, fighter, seax, wakazashi, small falcata, bolo, kukri, or other weapon of your choice. These blade lengths usually range from 12" to 20". Previous experience strongly recommended but not required. At the end of this class, you will walk out with a weapon worth taking into the wilderness or battle.  $450

Forging a Sword: Forge a sword! blade length is limited to 3' This will put your forging skills to the absolute test. It is both physically and mentally demanding. There is a borderline endless variety of swords from every culture, if you want to create one; I can guide you. It will be both difficult and incredibly rewarding. Prior experience is VERY STRONGLY RECOMMENDED. Expect this to take 50+ hours. $1,500

Forging Damascus Steel: Learn the ancient and beautiful art of pattern welding. You will take multiple pieces of steel, prep them, then get them to such a raging heat that you are able to combine them in to a single, solid billet of steel. In this class you will learn the ins and outs of basic Damascus and forge welding. You will create your own Damascus piece, and learn the basic patterns. This piece will be large enough that you can make a blade from it later if you choose.

If you want to learn Damascus, and how to make a blade from it, plan on spending two days. Just forging the billet will take one long, very strenuous day. $325

Forging Multi bar Damascus (Prior experience required): Learn how to create multi-bar Damascus! This is a difficult, and beautiful technique used by the Persians, and Vikings thousands of years ago to give their blades strength and beauty. You will forge a piece of Damascus, draw it out in to properly sized patterned bars, then orient and stack them prior to welding them in to one, solid piece. It is as tricky as it is rewarding. $325                   

gift Certificates

A gift certificate for a class makes an excellent present! You're not giving someone just an object, you're giving them an experience they'll remember. 

things to know & to bring

No prior forging experience is required. Materials and safety gear are provided, but feel free to bring your own if you're more comfortable with it. Wear the right clothing: long pants, heavy shoes or boots, make sure the pants go over the top of the shoes. DO NOT wear synthetic materials. Eat a big breakfast, bring a lunch and a water bottle; we will be forging all day. Expect larger projects to be broken apart over a few days/classes.                              

All participants must sign a release of liability prior to the class commencing. Safety is my first priority always, but fundamentally there are dangerous aspects to this art.

This is available to adults and children over 10, however a parent, legal guardian, or other responsible adult must accompany their child. Older teenagers (16-17) can have an unaccompanied class with a written consent form from their parent or legal guardian.