Kempf Forge: Refined Savagery.


Kempf means champion, master at arms, warrior. Is your blade a Kempf?

Ethan is a Forged in Fire Champion! season 5 episode 7 the Polish Karabela.

All Kempf blades are high performance tools. Designed and built to fulfill their given purpose at a level vastly beyond soulless factory pieces.

Whether it’s hacking through the wilderness on the side of a mountain; or delicately prepping a fine meal, your needs will be met admirably.

A Kempf blade will last generations with no decrease in performance with proper care.

Buy Kempf, buy it once.

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All of my blades are individually hand crafted. I strive for a balance of beauty and utility in my work. It is a labor of passion and love.

Forge your own tool.


Class topics include: Forge and shop safety, tool terminology and use, proper use and ergonomics with various tools, basic metallurgy and heat treatment (annealing, normalizing, quenching, tempering), basic forging techniques, basic grinding techniques, and more. Tomahawk classes also include basic knowledge of forge welding.

At the end of the class, the student can expect to walk away with a tool they forged themselves, and the knowledge to do it again.

A bladesmithing class makes a fantastic gift, you're not just giving them an object, you're giving them an experience they'll remember for a lifetime.


Zach, first time ever forging, made this excellent tomahawk!


Damon picked up cable welding skills quickly! this dude can move some metal.


 Aaron forged a fine hammer here! on the holy day of the goddess of blacksmithing!